Any thoughts on what happened here ? !

It started out quite well, then it suddenly too a detour !
Like it lost track of X and Y position ?

I used Estlcam and Octopi.

dice.gcode_.txt (59.3 KB)

lost post ?

I’d say that 99% of the time when things like this happen, the issue is skipped steps and/or your stepper motors or drivers overheating. Are the stepper controllers too hot to touch, even with a heat sink? You’re running them too hard. Are your stepper motors burning hot? They might be having issues due to overcurrent.

I was having similar problems, and what I wound up doing was putting in five separate, distinct stepper controllers into my build. Also, I got a 36V power supply so that the steppers have more current available during moves under load.

Separate drivers are not necessary you can easily just switch the wiring your steppers in series and cut the temp in half.