Anyone else using a stand-up desk?

I recently upgraded my home office desk with a lift kit from Uplift Desk. The kit was very well designed and took almost no work to adapt to my desk top.

The desktop I’m using is 3 2x10’s that I jointed and glued together.

I’m still getting used to remembering to ‘stand up’ from time to time. I’ve only had it a week. I did really good the first few days, but not so much yesterday. I was in a lot more meetings and just never stood up.

I had looked at the cheaper leg alternatives, but none of them supported the length of my desk. I ended up splurging on the uplift brand to meet my needs.

Most of the time converting the desk over was spent on cable management. Having a desk that can go up and down means that you need to have all the cables tied up nicely so they don’t snag on anything.

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but I use a TRIPP-Lite brand 19" rack mount power strip mounted on a 1-U wall mount for my power in the middle of the desk. This makes it easier to keep all the power cables/cords tucked into two of the plastic cable trays.

And the full-desk shot.

One thing I learned very quickly the first day is that I need to either wear shoes, or I took one of the anti-fatigue mats out of the kitchen to stand on.


I bought a pair of in house shoes that I wear all day.

I also have a little foot stool that I keep under my desk. It allows me to put a foot up on the stool and so I will alternate standing on each leg or both.

I took a different approach to my standing desk. I built it as a permanent standing height then got a tall office chair to sit on. Instead of remembering to stand I need to remember to sit for meetings and such xD

I just did a new soldering workbench at standing height. It’s fixed to the wall, so it won’t be changing. I epoxied some sheet metal to an Ikeaboard desktop, and I have a silicone mat to work on for stuff that shouldn’t be shorted out.

First project will be a PWM dimmer for the LEDs going in a Zen XY


Version 2.0 is in progress, this one has 608-2RS bearings inspired by V1 for my kids.
I used the MPCNC to place the bolt holes and have some actuators coming soon.

My stand up desk is never clean, I used a chain drive with lead screws on this,
I really like having the extra keynetix keyboard tray… it adds a 9" range of angle adjustment


Before the world changed I made a coffee table looking thing for my desk at work. Three monitors on it were a good height for sitting or standing. I used an anti fatigue mat folded on half and placed such that I could move one or both feet forward to be half on half off. Varying things is nice.