Anyone ever adapted a CO2 laser to this build?

I’m looking into potentially adding a laser head to my build at some point. There’s easy-to-use 5W diode-based lasers available that can cut, given enough time and passes, but a 40W CO2 laser would be much more preferable.

So has anyone done it? I know rigidity/vibration is a concern, but it’s possible to almost completely dampen those out, so it’s not a dealbreaker.

Don’t forget cooling those 40w usually have water cooling. They generally stay very stationary and use mirrors to reflect the beam where it’s needed. Not sure if it would be possible.

I don’t see that as an issue though. Nothing stopping you mounting mirrors to specific parts of the gantry so it always reflects to where it needs to be, with the tube under the table. The cooling wouldn’t be an issue either.

The prebuilt laser cutters have moving gantries as well, and they obviously work, so why not this?

Then no technically it could work, you were just referring to the 5w diode laser as well which is mounted to the gantry. Mounting a co2 tube there would be bad.