anyone ever use a pressure foot with the low rider?

anyone use one of these?
seems like it would help hold down thin plastic when using an upcut bit.

I haven’t had much luck with downcut bits in the past. Using a styroam spoil board that can accept all the shavings getting rammed downward seems to be the only way I can get it to work.

I have never seen that before. That could work for thin material, with good hold down tabs. Nice find.

I see that this was originally a 2018 post - but I recently read about a spring-load pressure plate for around the cutter head. I thought it was engenious - especially with using an up-cut bit. But I was thinking if it would be too-strong for the LR2 and cause a significant camber on the X axis. Maybe there is a way to make it with less torque/force, but until I am really cutting a mountain, I suppose it can be a question of later than now.