Anyone have a DW660 Dust Boot?

I printed out this:

But was looking for a dust boot

@Tom Cole released one here on the forums

/edit… if you have not yet run your machine without a dust shoe, I would give it a go first. Just so you get a feel for the machine prior to messing with the z-axis. Make sure to read Ryan’s warnings about attaching things above the tool mount on z. I fully agree having dust shoe is nice (just know the possible issues that can be caused by adding hardware above the tool mount). If you are able to get some fairly flexible hose and suspend it above the spindle (not touching motor mount) that is the preferred method that should work best


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Links blown up?

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I made this one, it’s made for the Hicwic Universal clamp and may not line up with the standard clamp.

I only have the top mounting clamps and this gets in the way. I redesigned the entire mount and now use a different boot that can swivel.