Anyone have a leftover Makita RT0701C fixed base?

Long story short, lost of a bunch of my equipment do to a break in this past summer and just noticed my Makita fixed base seems to be part of the long gone tools. I’m just getting ready to build the low rider but now I’m without a base. So I’m hoping an mpcnc person may be willing to part with one since I can’t order it separately from the router. I’ll pay for a bit for it, I don’t intend to be a charity case.


I have been wanting to use my DW611 outside of the LR, but it’s such a pain to remove the base. I want to make some kind of 3D printed mount to keep the router on the LR, and let me take the base off.

I was thinking basically some L brackets that I would mount to the plate, and then insert the router and use some bands to tighten the router in place, and I would print like 4 of them to make an approx. circle.

Sorry your tools got stolen. I hope you can find a base.

Thanks, it was a bit of a kick to the nuts losing the lot, It was mostly my grand father’s tools so more sentimental items than expensive. I was debating about designing & printing off a 65mm mount in petg to use that for now, just would prefer the extra rigidity of original part.

I don’t suppose this is the same as what you’re looking for?

I hate being broken into. I think when they’re caught, they should give the victims one shot each with a baseball bat.

Actually yes it is. Huh Mikita and HD both told me the fixed base was not sold separately. Guess I should have looked on Amazon, thanks I’ll order it now.

What kills me about it is, they are going to sell your stuff for pennies on the dollar. I had a car radio stolen once. It was nit a great radio, but they couldn’t have gotten more than $20 for it. Meanwhile, I’ve got to spend $100 to replace it… Such a waste.

Ha! That’s how they make their money,everything is cheap until you need that one broken part. Speaking of which I canceled the Amazon order and found a brand new Mikita router on Ebay for $46 instead, figure might as well have an extra one for $10 more than the part.