Anyone have thoughts on the new Arducam 64MP-AF camera for Raspberry Pi 4

I tried the 16mp camera recently and was not able to get it to work after several hours of trial and error. I either had a bad one from Amazon or I was missing some step somewhere. This 64mp model seems like a really good deal but am apprehensive of it with my previous experience.
Pi Hawk-eye 64MP-AF - Arducam

That’s nuts.

I haven’t tried it though. My gut says 64MP is just a lot for memory and CPU of the pi.

There is an open source ai computer vision package. I am forgetting the name ATM. But it recommends using a coral add on or a SBC with Coral built in. Which really adds a lot of parallel computing power for neural networks. But 64MP is a lot.

Looks good at first glance. But after digging down to the specs, not so much. It appears to be geared to using the Pi CM4 processor. Using a Pi 4 you still only get 1080x720 video mode(pi). Video mod " camera module" up to 64mb. My take is it will be great on a much faster pi. But a Pi 4B the frame rate is going to be way slow for anything you might want on the cnc. I was unable to find a vendor showing the price of a fully loaded CM4 or any price at all.

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Dear Sirs,

I am terribly sorry for our late reply. @geodave Could you please tell us your specific steps of using our 16MP camera? We need to know if there are any omissions or mistakes in your usage process.
Actually, you can contact for more help.

As for the 64MP camera, if you want the maximum resolution, you need to use it on Pi4 / CM4 version with more than 1GB memory.
You can get a maximum resolution (9152*6944) of 64 MP when using it in still mode.
Due to the limitation of the Raspberry Pi, the maximum resolution of video mode can only reach 1920x1080.

For the parameters and specifications of the 64MP camera, please check:


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