Anyone in New Zealand that could cut the flat parts for me?

I have had most of the LR2 parts for a while now, but only just recently shifted somewhere I can finally complete the build.

Wondering if any one whole already has LR2 up and running in NZ could cut the flat parts for me - with the different plate for Makita router


Hey Jonathan. I’m in Whangarei and am planning to build a lowrider myself, planning to buy a kitset very soon. I currently have access to a vertigo CNC router at the school where I work so would be able to cut out the flat parts for you. I haven’t looked yet but is there a download for the base plate to suit the Makita already designed?


Just print the flats parts at 100% scale on a sheet of paper, stick it to some wooden planks and borrow a jigsaw.
You don’t need crazy tools to cut these parts, and if you’re not satisfied with the cut quality you can always redo them later with your lowrider!

Yes that is definitely a fall back option I could use - thanks !

There is this thread below which discusses a Makita mount, and links to updated plastic parts/flat plate on Thingiverse. Feel free to message me directly re cutting the parts on the Vertigo if that will work. Thanks ! (PS I am pretty sure I have printed the 25.4mm version, but need to confirm this as I did a while back)

Kiwi stuck in Sydney here… I’ve got all the parts now. Am about to start my build. I too also hve to move house soon but will have a good go at getting it all built before Xmas. I am planning to simply cut the flat parts by hand using a jigsaw. Later on once I manage a good colibratio nand have a good undertanding of CNC I’ll attmept to cut parts from 1/4 inch alloy plate.

I’ll see if I can cut the flat parts this week and let you know when I get them done. I’ll be cutting some for myself so might as well do another set while I’m at it.