Anyone notice price of EMT higher lately

I needed 2 - 4’ pieces of 3/4" EMT for a spool shelf I am going to add. The 3’ one that I have is no longer enough to hold my spools. Anyway I was at Lowe’s and could not believe the price was now $5.15 for a 10’ piece of 3/4" EMT. I did not like the looks of the surface, so I opted for the 5’ lengths instead since it was less than a $1 difference. The 5’ lengths had additional 1" guide line markings on them which for my use is not a problem, but this might be something to look out for with using these on a MPCNC. Here is the design I am using for the spool holder.

That is crazy I have never seen stainless for cheaper but conduit is going up? I tried a conduit that looked like that and it was really soft. fine for your project but I had to rotate it all the time on the CNC.

hey ryan, i have that same conduit for my mpcnc, and i was wondering if it affected the z axis at all? I just finished building my mpcnc and the z axis keeps skipping and getting stuck, i can help it move by hand but its almost like the stepper isn’t strong enough to move it. When it hits the lower bearing on the gantry its super tight. any suggestions?

White grease is your friend… Lube the Z threads and verify it’s moves by hand smoothly through the full travel.

You might have the tensioner bolts too tight as well.

Not to get political but the price for the conduit might have gone up due to the tariffs especially if this is all imported metals. Also a big increase in building lately could add to demand on this. Stainless is primarily made in Canada / US for US purposes so could explain the reason for price going down.

Start a new thread and we can deal with it there. There are a few you can look through already up as well. I literally just replied to one just before this message.

Learn something new everyday. Cool.

Yeah I just found that out because of everything that is going on and the company I work for only works with stainless so it was good to know how we could be affected.