Arcade marquee

carved out with mpcnc and estlcam. And filled with tinted epoxy


Nice effect with carved plastic(?) and epoxy filled! What is the white material?

Cool! Will you add some backlight?

I have no idea what the white plastic is. I got it from broken tv. Now I did cut it was in an open garage with the a fan blowing out while I had on a 3m respirator with 60923 cartridges(organic vapor/acid gas). And I doubt Samsung is going to tell me what material they use for their light diffusers behind the lcd


I also plan on putting lights behind it. I will probably build a small box and ball up a string of rainbow fairy lights. This is the general idea. Except my neighbors machine will be cut on the mpcnc vs hand cut like mine.


I like the smaller profile. That is cool.