Archim 2 problems

I got a archim 2 board and tried to install the duel end stop firmware and when I install in the Arduino IDE I get this error

Atmel SMART device 0x285e0a60 found
Flash page is locked
Erase flash
An error occurred while uploading the sketch

While powered up hold the erase button for 5 seconds, try again.

Thanks the firmware downloaded without errors. Now when I plug in the board my computer doesn’t make the sound of a device connected and repetier-host gives me an error saying the com port doesn’t exist. Will the duel end stop firmwere even work with repetier-host? And if not what program would you recomend?

I’ve used it with repetier. I started messing with grbl and I like cncjs, now. I think it handles marlin, too, but if you’re already on repetier, I’d say fix one thing at a time.

Do you know why my computer and repetier wont recognize the board scene I downloaded the firmware?

Are you using or arduino? I am fairly certain you need arduino but I also have no experience with the Archim2…you did make all the necessary drivers changes in the firmware correct? My firmware is not going to work on that board without significant edits.

You need to give some more details of how and what you are doing. we are just making guesses at this point.

I am relay new to this I only got the archim2 because the rambo was out of stock everywhere I looked. I downloaded the archim duel firmware and fallowed your instructions to flash it onto the board with the arduno IDE version 1.8.13. I didn’t make any changes to the firmware. If there is a firmware that will work on the archim2 without edits than will happily re-flash dual end-stops aren’t relay important to me right now I just want to get my mpcnc working.

I don’t have one. The archim1 and 2 are pretty different you will need to change the board from 1 to 2, activate and set the drivers for the 2. It is not a huge deal but takes enough time for me not to be able to do it for you unfortunately.