Archim 32bit board

Ultimachine finally released their new 32bit board, if I had a delta I would try this thing out. Seems to be a duo/rambo hybrid. Keeping my eye on it to see where it goes, the price seems good. This could easily allow for another dimension of acceleration and finer arc control just off the top of my head.

The only downside is it is the newest kid on the block and has a custom Marlin version. I’m not sure how quickly the updates trickle over but most people don’t flash their boards once they get them working anyway.

My delta uses the Duet WiFi, it works great and the firmware is well developed and stable.

I’ve been running the RADDs on my 3d printer. It’s been rock solid.

Why are they still doing boards with fixed motor drivers?..
I fried a countless amount of motor drivers, If I had to replace the entire board everytime I would be living under a bridge by now…

If it’s anything like the rambo board, it’s stupidly hard to kill the motor driver. Ryan and I watched one of the SeeMeCNC guys power up the board by running the printer effector around by hand. He just grabbed the hotend(powered off duh) and started moving it around really fast. The display powered up and you could see the boot messages on it. Printer was one of the demo machines sitting on the table and not plugged in. That’s one of the reasons Ryan started carrying that board.

Looks like it supports two extruders E0, E1) with three hot ends (HEAT 0, 1, 2). Any idea what the power available to the heated bed is? I’d hate to be melting that connector. :wink:

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This is why I never seem to get enough work done, cool toys!!!

Bill I’m not sure, I will have to pass that question along and see what they say. This seems to be the chip for the heated bed circut,, and it has the 15A fuse all to itself. If I am reading the specs right the max for that chip is