Archim + Laser


Please help, I would like to know how to set a Archim 1.0 board for a TTL laser control. I have spent some time on Google no luck. On the V1 laser page suggest pin 53? lots of help would be appreciated please keep in mind I’m new to this.

There are a few videos on editing Marlin for this. It is kinda complicated depending on how much you understand of the programming stuff. You will need to switch the pins file and config adv. I am sure there are a ton of videos on it. I am pretty sure Teaching tech just did a laser video, different board but he showed the editing part.

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G’day Ryan,

thank you for the info, I ended up getting a Chinese RAMBo board to play with and found this on the V1 face book page. now i have fully working Diode laser.


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