Archim v1.0a for sale - Houston

I have upgraded my MPCNC to use the Grbl_ESP32 MPCNC CNC Controller. I love the controller and after a burn in period decided it was the one for me. I no longer have a need for the Archim v1.0a controller. It is practically brand new and has the LCD screen to control your cnc offline as well as an SD card slot to cut directly from. If anyone is interested in it please PM me. I would like to get around $125 for it. The LCD has a 3D printed case that will come with it. Shipping would be based on where it is going. It has all the parts it came with except the two wire connectors for the limit switches which I am still using. It is not special wire and any wire can replace it.


Is this still available?

Steve - I am located here in Houston/Tomball if you still have this available. Please let me know.