Arcs and max feedrate

Travel moves only… not actual cutting feed rates!

I’ve been speed testing the LR3 and it appears that all linear moves the LR3 can achieve 20,000+ mm/min. At 30kmm/min steps are lost. However, when completing an arc the LR3 seems to have trouble after 6000mm/min. Significant trouble begins at 10,000mm/min.

Planning to try implementing crazy cutting feed rates, but I’ve never tested travel speeds. Are arcs an issue at higher feed rates?

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Arcs are more math intensive. You will have less slowdown on faster (32-bit) boards vs. 8-bit boards. Control boards with hardware math support, like the SKR Pro, will have less slowdown. Most CAM software has a setting to turn curves/arcs off and instead approximate the curve with short lines.

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Makes sense. I’m running the SKR Pro and it does fine with arcs at or near 6000mm/min. Which is pretty fast. Thanks.