Arcs for small strawberry fields

Here on the north pole, we need clothed arcs for many plants, if we want them to bear fruits. We’ve made a makeshift arc that has honestly been terrible. A nice task for the mpcnc!

I made them in three parts, with a polygon joint. This because I wanted to use as cheap lumber as possible, especially considering the pricing atm. The dimensions are 22x148mm for the lumber. The width of the arc is 1.4m.


Looks like a significant upgrade!

The joint looks pretty dang good. I need to dream up something big so I can do cool stuff like this.

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We tried growing strawberries. The squirrels loved them. They don’t seem to eat the chives that come back every year though…


We planted three Hood strawberry plants the spring after we moved to The Dalles (so 2008). The strawberry patch is now close to dominant in the back yard and produces a couple of gallons of berries each year. And they are so much better than the store bought California berries. :slight_smile:


@turbinbjorn Do you end up sealing the ends somewhat too or is the arc covering enough to keep the plants happy? Always curious about the gardening stuff.


Significant indeed! I don’t know what we were thinking when me made those… well, it’s very satisfying to use CAD, woodworking and gardening skills in combination. I must admit, I spent most of the time in the fusion 360, figuring out how to make the joints in a simple, yet effective way.

We actually dont know! We often go by the happy go lucky method… I’m afraid that we have to seal the ends, but I have to check with some gardening people…