Arduino will it configure 32 bit board firware

will Arduino configure 32 bit board firmware, I’ve read it won’t but I 'm wondering if that changed.

I’m not sure of your exact question. Arduino is kind of a brand name with a list of different boards. A few of the boards in the list are 32-bit boards, and the Arduino development environment (IDE) does compile for these boards. In addition there are ways of configuring the Arduino IDE to compile for boards that Arduino did not design and these may be 32-bit boards as well.

But if you are specifically referring to the Marlin firmware, then there is an issue. Marlin has become too big and complex for the Arduino IDE to compile. People wanting to make changes to Marlin have primarily migrated to PlatformIO.

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The Arduino IDE will compile ESP32 firmware without a problem, but that firmware is GRBL based. As Robert says, if you want to run bloated firmware Marlin you might have a problem. :slight_smile:

It’s not a problem to run the Marlin firmware, just to compile it with the Arduino IDE tool. As mentioned above, Platformio is the new recommended compiling tool for Marlin.

i FINALLY got vscode to compile without errors. I uninstalled all the addon’s in reinstall just the stuff I needed and it did the trick. Everything is looking better now. I still haven’t got my motors to run smooth on the octopus. I don’t know whats going on there. I am skipping steps not moving just vibrating. I 'll figure it out. gonna get away from it for a while. thanks

Good idea to take some time away when you’re feeling stuck. Saves from mistakes made in frustration that then just take more time to get back on track.

When you’re ready to jump back in, if it’s never worked right, I suggest going back to basics and confirm you’ve got the coils off the motor identified correctly. If you cross-wire the coils all you get is buzzy kind of random vibration. Don’t trust the colors of the wires, and certainly don’t expect wires colors from different motor suppliers (or even different batches from the same supplier) to match up.

Losing one of the 4 wires for the motor can have a similar effect, or result in motion in one direction only (at least I’d did for me once). Take a close look at wiring and any extensions. I’m betting you’ll find the culprit.

If the

I got xyz to turn with rumba32, when down the list with ryan’s working firmware and changed down the line on the rumba32 firmware. Took me hours one night. but I only see xyz on the marlin menu. I don’t see y2 and z2. I don’t know if they work or not. any advice would help

You don’t control them independently. X2 moves when X does. They only move independently when you home.

M119 will show that you have endstops on x2 and y2.

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