Are you a google sheets / excel guru?

Looking for a slick way to use one sheet to use either inches or MM for the primo cut calculator.

I would normally just cut and paste the whole thing and have two sheets, but I mean, this sounds like a learning opportunity to me!

I was thinking either a check box or fill in the numbers in the correct boxes (inch or MM).

Three inputs, X, Y, Z.

JSCal,io is now paid so this seemed like the next best option.

Complete Primo Cut Calc

Template-allows you to open your own version in google docs and edit

Shared-allows you to save a copy of your own in a few different formats and edit it in a spreadsheet program of your choosing.

Hmm, seems like it should be straightforward enough to do in javascript. So a github page is certainly possible. Maybe I can make an attempt.

It would be cool if it could be included in official mkdocs documentation but not sure how big a headache that would be.

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I started by looking into adding it to the Docs, but I did not see anything that seemed easy enough for me to add.

That sounds like a fun challenge. You can use straight html, and include extra js files. I think it might be as easy as adding the form in html in a md file, and then in a js finding those things (in the dom?) and making the connections to code.

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Maybe something like this? This still seems incomplete.

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Didn’t realise that there was even a market for online web calculators :slight_smile: You live and learn.

Not that familiar with Google Docs, I don’t think you can just get a new instance (easily) when you use it. Google doesn’t seem to make it easy for me to find this out. I could be wrong though.

My initial thoughts is this can’t be that difficult. We’re taking some simple formula, wrapping a web form around and this and then some client side JavaScript. If @jamiek wants some help, I’m happy to put some time in.



I feel like the “right” google form may be a google form?

Google forms are a paid for service. Somebody has to pay for all those private jets…

Make your google sheet a template. Then people can open and put their values in without being able to save back to the original:

Here’s a first cut (numbers are wrong!)… Looking for feedback.
Going to add leadscrew length and belt length too.


Whoa…How the heck


We can do something like this in the markdown (sort of):

Still needs some style points. The buttons look particularly terrible.

Jamie’s html/javascript:

I think there are some better practices for including scripts, and there may be better ways to do buttons too. But works.


I don’t hate the buttons. Mkdocs needs easier tables. But having it all there in the docs is better than multiple places. so I can deal with no extra columns.

That is blowing my mind. You guys are so good at this stuff. Looking though it I understand it, and could probably edit it, but doing it from scratch…would takes days. You guys popped it off on a coffee break from real work.

I appreciate all of you throwing in all the ideas.

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Ok updated (same link

I figured table size (like the jscalc had is more commonly useful than bounding box for the interior of an enclosure, but both are still calculated.

Also implemented clipping due to tool size (made up numbers)
Also added belts and leadscrew.

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I think if the inputs and the buttons had some kind of box around them, we’d be a lot closer. I think it is a few simple css options, I just always get turned around in css files.

I think we can put the javascript in extra_javascript and I bet we are already loading jquery.

I did remove the table tags from Jamie’s version, just because it is a pain in markdown. We could probably put it back into one table. I think there is some fidgeting to make it more clear.

I think we could probably ditch the buttons entirely though.

If we hooked the onBlur or onChange of the workspace boxes to comoute from workspace, and we hooked onChange of the tube lengths to compute from tube length, it would all just update when the user changed something. When they changed tools or model, we would have to just pick which boxes they wanted to keep.


Your imperial units link got me…

The markdown tables with html inside really do look nasty. And they end up being enormous lines that I can’t break.

I like having all the features in columns, but can I get away with only making the XYZ user configurable, and leaving the belts and stuff as read only text?

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No worries. If you don’t like it, ditch it.

Yes. If someone wants to work backwards they can guess and check.

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