artie 3000

How cool!

Cool. Now then:

  1. Artie 3000
  2. Webcam
  3. Twitter API
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

That actually seems pretty cool for $60. I know this 10yr old that is using lego mindstorm at school but the prices on that are just insane. Battery packs are $80, kits are $350. Not very inviting to let them learn by trial and error.

The first programming I ever did was some sort of turtle in middle school. Looked a lot like that, move, turn, move, turn, line, no line. Looks like a cool xmas gift.

Logo? That was after my time. I was transcribing BASIC out of magazines onto TRS-80 model 1’s in middle school (and loading games via cassette tapes on those same TRS-80’s, and later Commodore-64’s), and trying to teach myself assembly on the Apple ][+… </hipster_brag>

Fixed it for you…

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Similar to a Kickstarter I supported a while ago, Edison.

Oh that one looks even better, built in sensors, low price, lego compatible, programming language options.

I doesn’t have a pen though.

Ahhhhh, dang it.

But can we get a frikken’ laser on its head?!?

I think they carry Edison stuff at microcenter. Saw something that looked like it the other day, a lot of the parts looked like lego technic parts.

A little duct tape would fix that issue.