Artiqulated ceiling camera Boom+freecad files+free DXF

I needed better Video footage from my projects so I made this 360 degrees rotate Ceiling Camera Boom. Designed using Freecad, gcode made with Estlcam, and cut on MPCNC using CNCjs

and a video on youtube


Freecad files + DXF
camera_boom (108.5 KB)

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Pretty cool and nice shop! Thanks for sharing.

Very nice project! Thank you for sharing it the video and the FreeCAD files ( Iā€™m a big FreeCAD fan). Nice editing on the video as well. And the logo on the wall very creative how you work the spindle and router bit into the A. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for reply guys, I made a small upgrade using 2 bearings at the top mount for smoother rolling