Assembling the Middle

I am having difficulty assembling the middle (2 rigid Z’s, 2 Middle Ends, and the Middle Joiner assembly). I noticed that there seems to be a contour cutout on the rigid middle Z; is the middle end supposed to fall in place in that cutout?

I am able to get the middle end to line up and fit nicely with the middle joiner piece, but only on the top part of the assembly. Keeping the rigid middle Z’s parallel to each other, it is unachievable to fit the contour on the bottom.

Am I doing something blatantly wrong?

Picture here:

Hi Bryan,

I had the exact initial problem when I started building mine. You’ve probably already figured this out, but you just need to flip over the part that isn’t matching up. The contour will then line up.


D’oh! Thanks Karl, I will give that a shot later today.