Assembly (Primo) : belts slip from slide during tensioning

As subject says; slide and corner interface very nicely, sizes all look appropriate, nothing needed sanding or trimming after printing – but belt slips from slides during tension ritual.

I’m using the belt supplied from the V1 kit and it routed fine, no problems there.

I’m considering :

  1. reprinting the belt sliders with a slightly bumped up extrusion factor in an effort to cause the internal cavern of the belt slide to be a bit narrower and exert more pressure on the belt

  2. using a dot of superglue to connect the belt loop after installed into the belt slide.

I dislike the second solution, it feels hacky – any wisdom from the MPCNC gurus would be appreciated.


Stick some strips of card, aslong as the belt teeth mesh and have tension keeping them together should be alright. Did it myself and cut galore with no issues.

Will do. Thanks for the advice.

Will report back on my success.

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