Attaching Endstops to Plates

Hello, I am getting so close to finishing assembly of my MPCNC and I am struggling to get the endstop wires connected. The included switches and the amazon kit I bought both have the connectors coming straight out the back and the crimp connectors push up against the bearing next to the mounting plate before I can get the holes lined up. The photo of the switches connected on the thingiverse file show only the outside so I can’t see how the wires are connected to the switches. Do I need some special 90 degree crimps or am I just missing something completely?

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You can either bend the paddles or cut the connectors off and solder them directly.

Just be careful if you bend them. The switches are cheap and can break.

Agreed, I just gently bent them up. I have better luck doing so with the connector attached.

Correct, it is a wonky mount that requires tabs to be bent to clear properly - or do like I did - reverse the setup. Mount the switches on tube-clamps instead.

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