Attaching Filament Spool to MP3DP...

Has anyone ever done this? I was thinking of making a bracket for a spool of filament and attaching the bracket to the XZ_Frame but was wondering if this would be too much weight/stress for the 1/2" MDF? It would be nice to have the MP3DP all in a nice package with the MiniRambo, Power Supply, LCD and Filament all attached to it. So far I have the miniRambo and the Power Supply attached and am printing out a case for the on/off switch I bought to attach that as well. I will also be printing out a miniRambo case (modified, I’ll put up the STL files when I finish the design and know it works). I also have to print out the LCD case and figure out where I want to attach that as well.

Anyway, thoughts on attaching a bracket for the filament?

I found one on thingiverse that mounted to the top of the frame. I used some M8 bolts to set the spacing, some 3D printed covers for 608 bearings (to provide a concave surface for the spool to ride in). Something like

Thanks BT! How has it been working? I’m mostly concerned with the weight and the structural rigidity of the 1/2" MDF.

No problems for me. I only mount 1 roll at a time and it works great!

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Awesome! Thanks for the feedback BT. I was only planning to mount 1 roll at a time anyway since I only have a single extruder.