Attempt at vinyl cut

-Also my first project on the MPCNC
It is a little bit difficult to see as the vinyl is transparent :slight_smile:

Looks good!

If I can find a good page describing how vinyl cutting software works. I’ll send it to estlcam and see if he can implement it. We can cut vinyl pretty well but we are missing a few small things. Usually there is blade offset compensation (really shows in fine details like small letters, and over cut so the material gets cutout all the way.


I think an overshoot on paths to ensure complete closing of loops would be great.


Yeah it seems like it would be easy to add to his software and it would also benefit people plasma cutting as well. I’ll look for a clear diagram to try and make it as easy to implement as possible.

Fingers crossed.

Oh, I feel kinda dumb. I just realized blade offset is already implemented. It is just the tool diameter! so I think our blades are a .25mm offset, so we would enter .5mm as our tool diameter…Sweet! now just the overshoot.