August 2020 Build

Almost finished my MP3DP v2 build. Just waiting on a thermistor for the heated bed, but otherwise complete. In the meantime, it’s printing PLA well on masking tape on a cold bed.

I used a SKR Pro 1.4 with TMC2209 and a FYSETC mini 12864 display. A few photos starting with the frame cuts on the MPCNC:


The first four prints off the printer:

The first print just stopped - I think it may have been a bad connection or related to the power supply. The second print of the calibration cube finished. Third print is the first iteration of a mounting bracket for the SKR board. Fourth print was a test of vase mode.


Is it an SKR 1.4 board, or an SKR Pro board? The newest Pro is v1.2…

Hi Bill. SKR 1.4 Turbo - not Pro. Good catch.