August 2020 Build

Almost finished my MP3DP v2 build. Just waiting on a thermistor for the heated bed, but otherwise complete. In the meantime, it’s printing PLA well on masking tape on a cold bed.

I used a SKR Pro 1.4 with TMC2209 and a FYSETC mini 12864 display. A few photos starting with the frame cuts on the MPCNC:


The first four prints off the printer:

The first print just stopped - I think it may have been a bad connection or related to the power supply. The second print of the calibration cube finished. Third print is the first iteration of a mounting bracket for the SKR board. Fourth print was a test of vase mode.


Is it an SKR 1.4 board, or an SKR Pro board? The newest Pro is v1.2…

Hi Bill. SKR 1.4 Turbo - not Pro. Good catch.

Hi @Kuhlio,

Which firmware did you use on your SKR board?


Hi @keeze

I initially started with Marlin-bugfix-2.0.x and then made necessary changes. I compared to firmware in the V1 firmware for MP3DP_Ramps_16T to find key code changes needed for the printer. I also followed a couple YouTube videos to get the key code changes needed for the SKR board: and

The most difficult part was getting the display to work properly. I did need to flip around the notched connectors on the Fystec Mini 12864 panel; and I eventually found the needed code changes for Marline online. This page was the most helpful:

After running with Marlin for a while, I wanted to migrate to klipper as I got used to some of the features after getting klipper working on MonoPrice Maker Select v2 (Wanhao i3 Duplicator clone). I have been running klipper since.

If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to try to help. I can also post code, though I am quite unfamiliar with github, but perhaps it is time to learn.

Hope that helps,

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We should probably make an Skr Pro MP3DP firmware… That would be a closer starting place.

The latest stuff we’ve been working on is in MarlinBuilder releases. There are a few MP3DP versions, but not one with the Skr.

I opt for the SKR 1.4 :wink:

I posted my Marlin files and my klipper config file to GitHub in case it may be of use to others:

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I’m running pretty much the same setup except with the BTT TFT24 for the control screen. Such a huge difference switching from the old RAMPS to the SKR board. Stealthchop off for speed, and on for quiet. So much nicer.

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While I am passed the 50, I don’t notice much of the noise, my kids though are constantly complaining about high pitched noise the I turn my deltaprinter on (Ramps 1.6). That is the reason why I bought 2 SKR boards with TMC2209’s.

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@Kuhlio Thanks!

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My printer with the SKR / 2209 is near silent. Movement along the Y axis moving the bed is most noticeable sound, but really isn’t loud at all. I also ordered a Sunon “MagLev” fan to replace the stock MK8 extruder fan, and it is so quiet, I need to actually check to confirm it is running.

Those fans look great, do you have the model number of the one you bought? They have so many options. I think a 40x40x20 would have a little more power to work as a print fan than the inexpensive ones I have. Printing faster is requiring a little more cooling than I have, and to quiet it down at the same time is a bonus.

I picked up the 2 pin 0.8W variant of a 40x40x10 from here:

Again, I used it for the hot end cooling fan but should work great for part cooling as well.

I searched for a 40x40x20 option and found this as a possibility:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

Thanks again for your great designs!

I have got this one (since I go 24v :wink:

Hey @Kuhlio

Did you use sensorless homing? Or did you clip the diag pins of your TMC2209’s?


Hi @keeze

I opted to heat up the solder on the diag pin and quickly pull it up with pliers. I didn’t pull it all the way out, just up so it doesn’t insert. Really quick and easy, and my thinking is that is that I can move the pin back in place in the future if I wish.


Tnx, fired up my desolderinggun :slight_smile:

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