Australia 850W router option? (Oztivo)

I was going through bunnings today (as you do) And was looking possibly if they had the makita spindle/router there (they didn’t).

but I did notice 2 routers, that I thought might do the job (and cheap), so i am wondering if anybody else (a) has one of them and/or (b). tried them

The first is a Trimer/router from Ryobi 400W

Fixed speed only, and only 400Wl, but very light and small.

The second is a route from Oztivo 850W

It does support variable speed, and is 850W (about the same as a Kress 800 spindle option) as well as that 1/4 collet size.

Has anybody tried these on a MP-CNC, or should I pay the extra 300$ and go for s Kress instead?


I would get a kress, its an extremely good spindle.
There is a reason pro’s use a kress.