Auto squaring without having to jog afterwards


I’ve been working with my cnc router for a number of weeks. My first projects have been simple signs. I’m finding it much easier to manually place the router on the stock (middle) and running the program.

But I want to take advantage of the Auto Squaring that I have working. Right now, using the LCD, i have to jog the router to the starting point after auto squaring.

I’d rather just move the router to the starting point (middle of stock), have my program issue G28 for x and y, then return back to the starting point and have that being x=0, y=0

Any suggestions?

Work offsets, or Home, use the controls to move to the start, g92 the point and run.

Or just don’t use squaring. By hand (how we did it for years) is usually more accurate than you need.

There’s not a way to do that in the firmware. But how are you running your files? You could make some “shurtcuts” for some different places. Lower left, upper left, center, lower right, upper right, etc.

Then you could put gcode files with those places on the sd card:

G0 X100 Y100 F1200

Then you just run that gcode from the lcd. Or you could do something similar through pronterface with macros.

Just be sure you’re a a high enough Z.

So your workflow might be:

  • Move the bit into the work (so it’s high enough).
  • Home XY
  • Print from sd card: center.gcode
  • Jog the last 10mm or so with the lcd.
  • G92 X0 Y0 Z0

Your presets could be anywhere, or you could change them whenever you put new gcode on the sdcare.

Good idea.

Thank you. it is a pain moving from squared 0,0