Auto Z leveler?

Has anyone added an auto-z level pad to this machine? I have the ramps 1.4 board and Im just about complete but adding as many accessories from the start as possible just to get it all out of the way. Thanks for the help.

Probably much easier to just mill your bed level and not depend on the software to do it, or shim your print surface once and be done with it. Auto level keeps your Z axis in continuous motion a flat print surface is a better option.

Im using a piece of MDF so that it was to close to flat as I was going to get but I also plan to use insulation foam as a buffer between my cut material and the mdf. Ill me mainly cutting out foam airplanes and balsa wood and dont want to scar my main table. My thought being as a throw a piece of foam on the board I would level to the foam so having the board milled doesn’t really solve the issue not saying that a pass around it would be a bad thing.