Automated super soaker tube

Just playing with an idea to make a motor driven super soaker type device. Basically a 3inch diameter syringe. I’d like to keep it contained in the 3" pvc pipe if possible.

A bit stuck on the best way to drive the thing.

My first instinct was a screw driven plunger but that would double the length of the device which is less than ideal. I’m also not sure how to waterproof the motor I’m thinking a stuffing box like on a boat prop.

Just curious if anyone had some alternate ideas?

Perhaps a compressed air driven plunger?

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Maybe, I don’t want to use a big compressor but maybe something like a water rocket compressed air tank.

I’ve seen an automated medical syringe that uses a rack and pinion to drive the piston.
Similar to this.



That’s basically the leadscrew solution, but instead of being twice as long, it is “folded”.

Yeah, wonder if there would be a way to make a screw water tight and just use a captive nut on the plunger with the screw passing through. It wouldn’t need to be perfect just prevent too much compression loss during actuation.

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