Autosquare calibration

I have finally got everything running smoothly and the time has come to calibrate the machine. I ran a gcode to make a 300mm x 300mm (my machine can jog up to 550mm x 550mm but didn’t have such a big paper to print on). The square came out OK but I couldn’t understand how to calibrate from the instruction in the auto square part. For that reason, I am including the square that the machine produced (printed counter clockwise):


Can you please let me know the offsets that I need to set?

Just an FYI, the end stop that goes onto the belt was not working properly for me (too loose so that had a flop and was not getting consistent result). For that reason, I designed a stop that should help me get consistent stopping distance:

Here’s my X Y motor mapping:

TIA :slight_smile:

So you can either offset your X2 or Y2 stepper by a little bit.

I can’t think of an easy way to know which one but, offset one if it gets better go further, if it gets worse reset and offset the other.

Edit-You can only offset X1 or Y1, so you need to move the X2 and Y2stops back.

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Thanks Ryan. Offsets limited to just X1 & Y1 makes sense; I couldn’t figure out how I can set the offsets for X2 & Y2.

Just to make things easier, should I just switch the wiring (making X2 -> X1 and X1 -> X2 and same with Y) to make setting offset easier? From the look of it, it seems like most time, you need to offset the right hand side.

Hmmm, That should work as well. Good idea.

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Sweet. I will do that. Thanks :slight_smile: