Axis Hanging during home.

So I have motion on X & Y when I move in steps thru the LCD. But I run into problems when I home: The front X carriage moves smoothly, but the rear X carriage gets hung up. I’m using the Dual endstop version on the Kit FW preinstalled on the Rambo board. Where should I be looking first? Carriage bearings too tight, too loose, other? It is also on the Y carriages but to a much lesser extent.

Added: I have gone back and double checked connections and further tested via the LCD. I can freely control motion in X or Y with the LCD, no problems. Smooth. However, when Homing X, X2 stepper does not move. Homing Y is fine.

Sound like a FW issue?

[attachment file=118540]

Does M119 look right?

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I’ll have to check. Would that affect Home, but not Motion via the LCD? Actually, I get it now for the Homing. I’ll check.

Yes. If that far endstop was triggered, then it wouldn’t affect motion, but it would stop it immediately if it homed.

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Sorted! Should have tested the end stops with M119 as soon as wiring was finished. In any event I traced it to an issue with the X2 end stop switch wiring within the cable chain. Ran new wiring on the outside of the cable chain and zip tied it in place. Not ideal aesthetically, but OK, and now it works. Thanks Jeff!

Great. Looks like an awesome machine.

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