Axis movement resistance -Solved-

I am in the process of constructing my first MPCNC and wonder if I need to break the machine down and redo the bearing placement as it seems way to stiff in both directions. Individually the x and the y’s seems to move OK but when I have the xy installed I have to put a reasonable amount of force on moving the carriage. I also noticed the conduit seems to rub against the back of the carriage and I do not see a way to make a gap.

Pictures will really help here.

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I’ll post some pictures when I get home in the mean time should the carriage be moving as easily as it does for Graz in this clip?


So I got home and looked at the xy again and found I forgot the 2 bearings on the 5inch bolt. Once I installed those it stopped rubbing on the back of the carriage. I still had stiff movement in one of the directions but when I was removing the assembly I noticed the lower axis was not sitting in both brackets. when I tightened down the brackets it was straining the carriage. I played around with the bearing placement for a while and then decided to flip the whole carriage and it is perfect now.


Thanks Ryan

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