Aztec Tile

Milled out of a piece of mdf.

What thickness MDF? That looks cool.

Very nice,

Looks like something that would be suited for ceramics or greenware ?

Hey Jeff, I think it’s like 16mm. The MDF is from a junk piece of furniture that came with the barn when we bought the house. I broke it down to burn and it’s been sitting in the corner every since… (only 3 years.)

KronBjorn, it would make cool looking accent tiles for a backsplash or something like that.

Another one. Little bigger, still cutting at the moment. Finish pass will take 8 hours.

Always like your work berry. Couple questions. Why are you running it so slow? Are you liking your spindle any better now? I can’t imagine running the dewalt for hours at a time.

And last… need vac attachment advice / stl’s.

Happy 2017

I can’t run it any faster, it breaks the endmills. Still on the fence about the spindle. I’m using these dust shoes. For the chinese 52mm spindle For the Dewalt, had to modify it to work though.

New one is done!
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Not too bad. Still seeing some machining marks, but I didn’t let it cut as deep as it wanted to. I can’t cut that deep with the 16th inch bit, it’s not long enough.

Wall of fame material, that looks awesome.

Are you sure recreating these ancient secret designs isn’t going to cause the world to end? Other than that, I’m totally jealous.

Just wait until I figure out how to do this one!!
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Heck, that one isn’t even complete. It should be easy. :slight_smile:

Can you add a few years to the calendar? I want to have time to try the low rider.

Once I resharpened the engraving bit I got it to engrave the calendar. Shows the spoilboard isn’t flat. I zeroed at the center with a 1mm depth of cut. Just scratched the surface on one corner.

Awesome !!!
Non ho parole !!!

How did you do that ? awesome!

3d model or 2D drawing with various heights?

But here on the forum I invented one every time I log :smiley:

I found the calendar dxf on the internet. It’s a flat file, the tiles are on thingiverse, they’re 3d files.

Crap. I just realized I didn’t post a photo.

Oh, I guess I did post photos…