Babylon, Long Island Build

It really doesn’t get better than this. My only objection is that there aren’t enough hours of the day to be riding the Lowrider.

This whole project worked out perfectly as we were moving out of Brooklyn and had a Brooklyn amount of furniture. The Lowrider is the studio assistant I never had.

I’ve been using Fusion 360 on an Apple iMac. I couldn’t get the gcode to work (didn’t go that deep in the weeds), so have been using Estlcam.

I like the process of reviewing everything in Estlcam because there are often little design tweaks and egregious mistakes I need to remedy.

I found the kit wires were not quite long enough for the 8 X 4 build so got the newer extensions.

I had trouble with drift on the y-axis but that was remedied with wood rails/barriers. My garage can get a little humid which will effect the rigidity of the mdf flat parts…The barriers fixed that.

Used pool piping for hose, and a combination of shock cord, rope, and pulley blocks for cable management sailing style.

special thanks to @droesch for supplying the flat parts.


High five!

Those are some gorgeous projects, seriously, I am impressed. Welcome to the crew.


Shoot they are a tight fit but should have worked. apologies.

Thanks Dan, for helping,from me as well!


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Thanks for sharing your cool projects! I like your “flying trapeze” cable/vac hose management :slight_smile: With my heavy vac hose, I feel like I’m moving around more mass than I need to be, so might end up with something similar.

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Awesome James !

Any chance you could share a .dxf ?

Happy to share as long as it’s for personal use…

email me at

  1. lmk which plans you want.

  2. Exact plywood thickness (for table joints important!).

  3. And for table or lamp, height.




I love your work, I sent you an email, asking about the table.
I can’t wait to get my LRv2 built and cutting.