Yay for cnc!


Nah… you bought that at the store… very nice job. Care to share your inlay techniques?

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Did you do these parts on the tiny build?

No, the tiny went away a long time ago (about the time I moved into this rental, actually). I WAS going to turn it into a laser marker (which would have been really handy last week) but it’s busy sitting on its side out of the way.

I think a 12x18 primo will do everything my teeny tiny did, but at with room to spare. Plus, it will fit in the bench a little better than the current 24x30.

Wifey wants a board of her own (this one was for sale) but we don’t have anywhere to keep it until we move, so it may as well wait for the new shop anyway.

I’m still a little torn on which machines to build out and which to keep. I built another cnc (that y’all helped me troubleshoot crappy drivers for a while back) for fast 1/4 sheet through cutting, and wifey wants to be able for full sheets but has also green-lighted the plasma. Maybe primo can live under the full sheet on a pull-out or something.

The inlay was vcarved. I was probably a little aggressive and my vbit was definitely too cheap. I think I got some flex at the points on harder spots of the maple, because not all of them fit well, and the roasted oak…just dont. Very brittle. And i dont have a band saw, so i took my angle grinder with a sanding disk to it to remove the excess. Only made a few booboos, all but one are hidden under that top piece(which also hides the other two corners of the points, which had gaps as well).


I DID buy the dice, though…

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