Bad lot of PLA

I finally got my 4 spools of PLA to start printing parts. Solutech Real Orange. I have used dozens of spools of it.
Load the first spool and start a print while I am programming. I hear a noise and turn to see the filament is broken. I clear the filament from the extruder, reload and start the print again. Failed again.
I examine the filament and notice that it is more brittle than I am use to. Ok, bad spool…
I will deal with this later. Time for a new spool. Same results. I compare the spools: same lot number…I look at the two remaining spools: same lot number…
I have two spools (different brand) arriving today.

Bummer. I use a lot of Solutech, might have to re-think that. Thanks for the heads up!

I had that happen with the merlot color while building the burley.

The only Solutech that I had problems with was the white.