Bald eagles and freedom


Wow! :exploding_head:

WOW! Just WOW! :+1:

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Amazing :star_struck:

Whoa! That is amazing! How long did that carve take?

I actually fell asleep so the time is a bit skewed. It took somewhere between 12 and 20 hours.

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Very nice!
Can you share the file?

What are the dimensions of those pieces?

I purchased this file from a 3d artist. Sorry I cannot share.

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Maybe a link to the site/page or what is the name of the file?
I totally get not sharing, you paid for it.

I found one on etsy.

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Was this done with a single tool? If so, which one?

Wow, I really need to get out more. I just had a look at etsy, I didn’t realize there was so much available out there.

Bought it off etsy

No kidding. Here I’ve been trying to find commercially licensed files on thingiverse. Lol

3 tools.
3/4 router bit for 3d pocket clearing
1/4 downcut for cleanup
1/8 ball for finishing


Good to know, I want to try some carving and thought I might need to go smaller for details, your beautiful work says otherwise. :+1:

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I use a 2mm on the other projects I’ve posted. This is big enough to use 1/8

Pure inspiration! Thanks for sharing.