Ball Screw

Has anyone already installed a ball screw in the Z-axis?

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I haven’t seen that, but what are you hoping to achieve? The backlash of the acme leadscrew is taken care of by the weight if the router. The extra friction may cause a lot of problems on the Z.

I am not trying to stand in the way of innovation. I just am curious.

It was only a question. Most cnc machines use that. If nobody makes it, i won´t make it too

the main advantage of ball screws is no minimal backlash.
in the case of the MPCNC, the lead screw supports the weight of the router, this minimizes any backlash on the lead screw by always maintaining pressure on the nut in 1 direction, and means you don’t have to use the more expensive ball screws.

you could technically use ball screws, although you may need to change the core slightly to make the nut fit.
Its just the advantage is minimal

Most CNC’s use ball screws for the X and Y because there is none of that constant pressure on those axis (no gravity), so backlash becomes a big deal. (most use it on the Z to just so they are all the same screws / nuts, but the main bonus is on the X and Y axis)

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