Ballast Point - Sculpin Tap Handle [Leo69 2.8W Laser Content]

A friend of mine and I are into home-brewing and craft beers. He works at a speak-easy and gets pretty good deals on 1/6th barrels. He always has about 6 on tap. He asked if I could make him some tap handles. I started with a few that I had engraved on the MPCNC. Then ended up pulling back out my laser (As some of the logos were pretty detailed). I found lightburn software (if you have not used this or seen it yet its well worth the money it is fantastic). I threw this into lightburn and went to town. A couple of the pics are prior to putting a poly finish on it. After the finish went on it really popped! I have applied three coats of poly since the photos and it looks fantastic. I have about 5-6 to go (one is burning as I type).



Great work!

@Neil those are awesome! Where did you get the tap handles from?

ha… I ran a furring strip through my planer to square it up and chopped off about a 9-10" piece.

then just used some threaded inserts in the tail to screw it onto the tap.


That tap looks fantastic, great work! I also just started using the lightburn software and have also been quite impressed.

I got 4 of the 6 done for my buddies taps!. Lightburn is so easy to use.



Those look awesome! I am also a huge fan of lightburn - I was super impressed with how intuitive and straight forward it is to use.