Bar stool

First big project with the LinuxCNC upgrade. It turned out great. This is just a prototype, as soon as I got it assembled my gf was like what about this? Or this? Or this? Looks like I need to go back to fusion lol

This isn’t very “finished” since this is just a prototype. More versions to come then maybe an Etsy store to start selling some of these and later projects.

I can fit two sheet. Maybe 3 after the redisign. I can get cabinet grade 1/2" plywood for $45 or 3/4" for $63. So I think I’d like the sell price to be around $45 to $50 each. More options mean more cost.

Redisign notes from gf:
Foot pegs (optional)
Change feet design to come out of center of legs
Different seat material, lowes project board maybe
Different seat shapes available (round, octagonal, square or rectangular)
Slimmer center stand, with angled seat supports that mirror feet design
Upholstery (optional)
Seat back (optional)


Not enough if finished

I think your right. What would you recommend?

Figure your time materials 30 to 50 markup ask around look a similar estie items don’t want to price yourself out either.

So I sort of did that. For non upholstered bar stools from big box retail its around $25 - $40 each. On etsy the price ranges wildly from $60 - $110

Very nice work by the way your design is very appealing :grinning:

So maybe somewhere in the middle, $75?

I’m no expert or consultant try it I don’t think you will get swamped with orders I don’t mean that in a bad way I mean like kickstarter thousands at first then
you ant catch upway you dont want it to be a full time thing unless you want it to be
Find I nich and dig in make it yours custom inlay in the seat ect.

Adding something specific or custom is worth thinking about too. Adding someone’s name or a cute saying, or one from a selection of 5 is easy for you, but seems much harder. It would be great if you do something like sports team logos, but you need to fly under the radar.

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Start the inlay and the V-carve be specialized the tool is in your shop Jeffeb3 idea is great