Bay Area maker fair

Anyone going to the Bay Area maker fair next month?

I’m going for sure, No booth but I’ll be there!

Got my tickets so I’ll be there. Not sure which day yet.

By wild coincidence, my vacation lined up with the bay area maker fair, so I’ll be there too. I’ve been to the Denver one, but I have much higher expectations for this one.

I am headed there tomorrow and maybe Sunday. Please if you stop by the Robo3D booth and tell Austin “Ted says Hi”, or something along those lines. I messed with that kid everyday and miss that the most about not working there.

Saw the Robo3D booth and told Austin that “Ted said to say hi.” He got a big kick out of it.

You are the man!

We got to hang out a bit on Saturday before his shift so No one had seen him yet. I hope he got a few more of those. I’ll text him right now and see how many people said what’s up for me.

Thank you so much, super funny, or I’m just twisted.