Bearings and performance

Hello, I just bought some unbranded Chinese bearings to be used on the LR3. However, I was thinking about the negative impact they would throw on the performance. Should I be worried and change to SKF bearings?

If you already bought them, may as well inspect them first.
I bought unbranded bearings and they were all fine.
I bought a pile of clearance fidget spinners and about half were unsuitable.
As long as the bearings are smooth, don’t have any noticeable play, don’t rattle, and have shields, they’re fine.

All they need to do is roll at low speed, not particularly critical.

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They have these lines. Are those a problem?

I wouldn’t think so. The middle band looks a little wider than the stress marks on my tubes, so I don’t think the grooves will come close to the tube.

Maybe someone smarter than me will have a different opinion? Shouldn’t take long, now…