Bed Adhesive

In a fit of experimentation, I tried using something called plastic varnish on my build plate. Works wonderful with both ABS and PLA so far. Best stuff I ever found. Heat bed, sticks really fast, cool bed pops off. Better than Kapton tape, painters tape, hair spray, PVA, HDPE, Acrylic, Vinyl sticker, and vinyl decal backing which I have tried in the last 3 years.

Its just a really cheap varnish on the glass. So far after several really big prints of parts 215mm x 150mm wide they have not had a need for re application of bed adhesive.

Hmmm, never heard of that before. Did you just stumble on the next big thing!?! PEI is awesome but kinda pricey, the price on your stuff seems cheap enough. Please keep us updated if this holds up or fails. Seems like I might have to pick up a can for my next build.

Couldn’t find it easily, at least not on Amazon. Looks like it’s close to $30/qt with shipping from the specialty stores… Any idea what is actually in it?

here its $2 a liter. Just some sort of really cheap varnish. I noticed how sticky it was when re-finishing my floors and doors the other day. Had a bit of inspiration to try it.

What brand is yours? I may be looking at the wrong stuff.