Beer bottle openers

I whipped up a few of these as gifts. There is a magnet that catches the caps.

I recommend them if you want to make something quick, or even sell to others. The cost of materials is less than $10.

The finish on the left is a custom conconction of water-based Tremclad Black and Polyurethane that I’ve been using a lot. The ones on the right are rubbed with linseed oil and the letters filled with acrylic black.


If the magnets are strong, you could probably cut them in from the back so they’re hidden, and it seems like “magic” that the cap is caught by the wood :slight_smile:


Neat idea. They are certainly strong.

Here are the links to the parts for anyone who is interested.

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Ordered some of the magnets, need some anyhow. Also… Thankyou for the Canadian Amazon links :smiley:

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Agreed, thanks for the Canadian links! I just ordered a set of the bottle openers. A few people have been asking for something like this but I hadn’t seen any at a reasonable price before.