Beer Tap Handle (4th axis)

Made a replacement Beer Tap Handle.
Now I just need to print a guide, for drilling a precise axial hole in the end.

Took 30min, OpenScad, Fusion, Kress1050.



So what I am hearing is you need me to come over and help you with your keg?

I mean CAD…hahahah


That 4th axis is lovely in its simplicity.

If/when you get some free time could you make a very clear step by step post with lots of pics and screen shots on how to best setup and use that?

I would love to add it to the How-to section and feature it like I did with Jason’s mirrors ( You will probably get swamped with questions, so it is kind of best to try and answer them before they happen. Or I could make you an author and you could make a article, which ever way you think would be easier…if you get some time. If not I can ask the questions and do the write up.

I love it and I think a lot of people would/should see it.

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Sure, I’ll make a write up when I get some spare time : )

Got the handle on, just need a bit of post processing, it is straight off the CNC.


Custom handles and bottom fill taps…fancy!

Where is this 4th axis write up you promised??? That’s awesome!

Bump for 4th Axis write-up.


Thanks for the bump. I also would like to read the write up.

I’d love to see your in-depth take on a 4th axis as well. That would be such a huge contribution to the community.

Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

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