Before I buy

so does the Rambo dual firmware and wire kit come with end-stops? I want to do Dual Endstop would this be the right choice? Does this come with everything I need to do Dual Endstop?

Yes. I bought mine with my Rambo board. I decided not to use them because they were complicated to install. I have them if I need them but so far I haven’t.

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So how many Endstops did the dual firmware and wireing kit come with?

I think I have a set for the X and Y. I don’t think there’s one for Zed. Like I said, I didn’t install them and really haven’t felt the need to. My cuts are coming out fine. I checked them with a micrometer. Leveling and squaring the machine is the challenge. Endstops or not, this still has to be performed.


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Thanks fo the info so which kit should I go for? Not planning to use as a 3D printer.

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I bought and built the MPCNC, I use it to relief carve. Get the Rambo board and like I did, you can buy the endstops. Try out the system once built and if you like it, don’t use the endstops. If later you are doing exacting cuts, install them later. I don’t think you’ll need them though.