Beg for permission, or ask for forgiveness

Think I might have sold my wife on the idea of building a MPCNC

She wants to get a Silhouette Cameo 3 to cut vinyl, I showed her this, told her it can plot, route, etch, print, wash the dishes, mow the lawn, and guarantee the big “O” each and every time.

I think she bought it…

All I gotta do now is get the parts list, get some filament, and hit the Cheap Chinese websites and/or Amazon/Ebay for the other stuff.

I got a cheap chinese 3D printer kit a while back Anet A8 from gearbest (for under $200 shipped)…haven’t looked back since.

I recommend buying the kit from Ryan as you will not save any money once you add up all the little things. Plus it is easier to get support from Ryan and others on this site

I second that; I was sourcing all the parts and the additional shipping from different places made the benefit of pricing my own null. Plus buying the kit from here you know you’re getting quality parts. I have a bunch of the ‘cheap chinese’ bearings and sell them with kits for the Makibox extruder but wouldn’t trust them for longevity as a CNC roller. Some of them are gravelly to start and just go into the trash.

Buy the bundle here and print the printed parts. The bundle is pretty much plug and play :slight_smile: No worries of frying RAMPS/Arduino boards or flashing firmware issues. It’s actually cheaper in the long run in terms of wait and assembly time. As soon as I ordered my bundle kit and printed the parts, went to Home Depot and picked-up EMTs. I think I only spent less than 10-15 hours building my MPCNC as soon as I received the kit from Ryan.