Beginner build, Chunkyboi


Few words why i ended up here. Boat, yes! Have been dreaming building one. Bought plans. That had 1:1 cut files… but local shops ask lot to do 8 sheets. Or cant deal with the file. In short decided to avoid hand cutting and drilling lots of holes.

We have had desktop cnc before and 3dprinter. Not good ones but we did cut few parts as hobby.

Thats in short story. Lots of googling and here we are.

I have ordered most of the parts. But still need: Router, controller, 16t pulleys and powersupply.

We havent yet decided overall width or lenght. I did order alu plates. But as the cnc option was not avaible at online service we went on laser cutting route. New lasers can make small holes on thicker plates than hole diameter but they kindly refused to do so. Risk of getting warped holes and co2 cant handle that.

So we do by ours self and hand drill the holes. (Pillar drill) Later maybe new cnc plates?

We went with 15mm thick lower plates and 10mm thick upper plates. Made from alu.

We havent decided yet what material we are using on the pipes. Theres good options. Cf and alu. Also third is cromoly. But weight might be too much? Maybe?

Next week i will receive ender 3v 2 as i need to otherprojects. It will pay itself. Pics will follow slowly but surely.

Current cost of machine is 540 euros including postages. Top of that controller, powersupply and router and pipes.

Drop comments, sugges controller or router?

Was thinking makita 702c for router and skr 3 maybe 5160 controllers? (Worth it?) But that drives cost up.


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