Belgian Build

Hello everyone.

I red a lot of posts on the forum and really love the design of the MPCNC.

I have no technical bakground, but I like to play around with stuff like this.

I just started printing yesterday. It will be a very slow build, but I will update this post once in a while.






Not started long myself

Thumbs up! Newcomer myself, chiming in. Unfortunately away on vacation, and all I can think of is coming home and resuming the printing and picking up parts.

I don’t have a technical background at all, my studies since high school have been in the humanities, and I’m working with counseling. But - in my youth I dreamed of electronics and engineering, so the MPCNC is an old dream coming true!

Why do you print part by part?

For me it was much easier to print as much as i get on the bed of my anycubic at once.

[attachment file=105653]

Regards Stephan

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Sucks when you get a missed step 90% into a print doing that, or one of the tall parts pops loose. Shit happens for any printer. I did the same though, only printed the XY parts by themselves, after losing both to a layer shift 80% into a print.


Just like barry says.

Also I only print them in the evening/night. If I printed mutiple ones at once, it would be to long of a print.

The smaller ones I will probably print together.

And I’m really not in a hurry.

Aha, another Belgian fellow! I’m starting to build one too! Have fun!

I just built one in Louvain, Belgium.

Very slowly learning how to use it.

[attachment file=105716]


Looks good! Can you help me a little and explain the advantages of having short legs but a sunken table?

Dear Barry,

well, i know. I had maounted a “Fire-detector” above the printer with the 3M double Sided Tape which was iclouded with the Fire-dedector.

It dropped down to the bed, blocked the table/hotend, so i messed up a >20h Print.

[attachment file=“Messed up_1.jpg”]

[attachment file=“Messed up_2.jpg”]

Some of the worse parts. The anycubic dont stop to print, i think he kicked the fire-detector off the bed and continued the print.


Regards Stephan

Replaceable spoil board slot.

Hello I am just building one in Kessel-Lo. Learning a lot also?